Sunday, August 3, 2008

McLean County Fair

Last night we attended the McLean County Fair and it was a blast. The fairgrounds are far nicer than many of the county fairs in the area and the midway ride providers had a huge selection of newer rides. They had all the oldie but goodie rides, like the matterhorn and the tilt-a-whirl, but a lot of new "extreme" physical challenge type rides that I've never seen before.

We were really there, as you may guess, to watch the demolition derby. It did not disappoint! Two hours of cars crashing, tractors pulling cars out of the mud, smoke, firemen, ambulances, popcorn, and hooting and hollering. One driver even came up into the grandstand to talk to his family next to us and described in gory detail how his friend was, "only a little scalped" when part of the car fell on his head while he was installing the back-up radiator for the next round of derby. He smelled heavily of gasoline and cigarettes.

On the way in we were given free fair tickets by a stranger, it turned out that kids under 3 were free to the derby, and rides were mostly only 2 tickets a piece. There were no lines for rides, apparently no alcohol sales, the whole Interstate Center to cool off in, and McLean County is so much more diverse than I knew.

All in all a great county fair experience.

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