Monday, August 25, 2008

Central Illinois Life Round-up #18

CIRCA blog is a great compliment to the central Illinois blogosphere, the writers at CIRCA keep you up to date on art, music, and events with a Peoria nexus.

OMG folks, did you know Mocha Momma, THE fabulous, insightful Mocha Momma is a central Illinois blogger? I was shocked to find that out when my sister spent some time with her in Chicago. I had just read an article in Bitch magazine about her.

Find out what's up at the Urbana farmer's market at Urbana's Market at the Square blog.

Don't forget squirrel hunting! Um, yeah, I hear the squirrel ravioli is good.

You can find anything on the Internet, for example, a website to post water tower photos. Look kids, the Morton water tower. Although, when driving around the prairie I tend to use water towers as markers.


Market at the Square said...

Henny Penny!

Thanks for the mention. It's been a great Market season so far and I'd love to have more people check it out.


(aka when not working)

Brandon said...

Thank you for the referral

Brandon @ circablog