Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Spicery Tea Room

This week's trip to Tuscola included lunch at the Spicery Tea Room. It's located at the corner of Scott St and Main St near downtown. Downtown Tuscola is on the OPPOSITE side of Tuscola from the outlet mall. Drive west from the interstate to the last stoplight, then turn right. Go about 2 blocks to the Spicery and about 10 blocks to downtown.

The Spicery Tea Room serves heart healthy meals with flair. Nothing is deep fried, no burgers here either. What they do serve are several complex salads, quiche, casserole, soups, and desserts. A generous amount of fruit and veggies are included in all the meals. Lunches start around $7 and desserts (a MUST here) are around $3. The ice tea is fresh-brewed and high-quality and a wide variety of hot teas are available. The presentation is quaint. The soups are served in antique tea cups and the dishes are mismatched antiques china and glass.

I hear the owners also own Winterberries in downtown Tuscola, a large antique store, and the recipes used were Donna's (the owner) mother's recipes. The restaurant is completely furnished in antiques from the register to the specials chalkboard to the tables and chairs.

All the soups were tempting me, but I decided on the lemon asparagus and it was a delicious pureed soup. A cold strawberry soup was also available. Gah! Too many enticing choices.

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