Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kathy's Kitchen

While visiting Vahling Vineyard near Shelbyville this week I discovered the pickled delights of Kathy's Kitchen.

I picked out a blue ribbon winning jar of pickles and dill pickled asparagus. Both are delightful. The owner of the vineyard told me the pickles have some sort of process every day for 15 days and are ultimately hand packed. She said they are a very old fashioned pickle. They are very tangy and sweet and delicious. The asparagus are surprising crisp and are an excellent snack with a lager style beer.

I imagine you can find Kathy's Kitchen products (including jelly and relish) at the Springfield area farmer's markets. Here's the contact information.
Kathy's Kitchen
201 N. Pitt
Virginia, IL 62691
Ph: 217-452-3035

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Henny Penny said...

And the pickles have already been eaten in two days. They were super tasty and our three year old was clamoring for them.