Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pat's Garden Shop

I married into a gardening family and am probably an intermediate gardener since this is our fourth summer with a large garden. Late winter and spring holidays aren't celebrated with potlucks or cookouts, they are garden preparation markers. Tomato and pepper seeds are planted inside on Superbowl Sunday. There is a planting schedule for Easter, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day. My mother-in-law uses a watercolor paintbrush to pollinate her heirloom plants.

Having a curious three year old in the house we skipped starting seeds inside because we're generally messy enough without potting soil in the mix. Last weekend I was itching to plant peppers and tomatoes. Instead of heading to a big box garden center I decided to try a home based business near Le Roy. I went to Pat's Garden shop and found nice healthy plants for a good price. I picked out eight peppers, sixteen tomatoes, and four allysum for a total of $12. There was a good variety of vegetables. I found cayenne, jalapeno, habanero, bell, sweet, and yellow peppers. There were probably ten varieties of tomatoes.

I planted my choices as soon as I got home and a week later they are in the best shape my transplants have ever been in. They are perky and growing with good color.

Check the Google Map for directions to Pat's Garden Shop.

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