Monday, May 19, 2008

Head West Sub Stop

I indulged my hidden hippie today by getting lunch at Head West in Springfield. Head West is a sub shop with a twist that the bread is very soft and slightly sweet. The toppings are really good too, including yummy thickly cut pickles.

I love the vibe at Head West. Today they had advertisements up for Central Illinois Life's favorite local band, 56 Hope Road, who have a big gig coming up this weekend in Chillicothe. Dave Matthews was on the radio coving Neil Young. Head West is brightly painted with geometric prints (for sale, $10) on the wall.

The guys working behind the counter are quick, nice, and act like they give a damn that you are there. Head West is a great alternative for downtown workers who miss Breadstretchers. Hey Springfieldians, what's your favorite sandwich combination at Head West?


Mattpenning said...

The Humus sandwich on wheat with jalapeƱo peppers, black olives and onion is one of my favorite sandwiches! Definitely recommended!

Anonymous said...

ooooh...I wany to go to Springfield for Maattp9's sandwich. He can come to Terre Haute for my omlet at the Crossroads Cafe! Mom

Anonymous said...

Never been.