Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oversized specialties, Bloomington and Monticello

Tonight's post is going to be quick and dirty. I've found two meals that are big enough for B and I to share and yummy enough to return for. Schooner's in Bloomington has a pork tenderloin that's bigger than a dinner plate and ACTUALLY tastes good. Unusual. It's tender and has good flavor and is not dry. Good enough in fact that I'd love to watch sports there w/ B and pig out on tenderloin and wings.

Fillipo's Italian restaurant in Monticello has huge and very good calzones. B and I split one the other night for $12 and the crust was flaky and crisp, the sausage was chunky, and the whole thing had loads of cheese. It would have been nice to have a cup of red sauce on the side, but we ended up dipping into H's tortellini sauce. Fillipo's has a surprising selection of bottled beer, including Bass and Sierra Nevada.

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Mrs. Chicken said...

mmmmmm ... cheeeeeeese.

Got any bacon?