Sunday, October 21, 2007

Monticello Railway Museum

We went to Monticello today to ride the Ghost Train. The ride itself was very short, but good for the train load of toddlers and preschoolers. I thought we'd be going all the way downtown so I was disappointed when we stopped and began to reverse about 500 yards away from the depot.
We stayed to walk around the old trains and talk to the people working on them. We got to see the insides of a 1951 Tennessee Central double engine diesel that can still run 98-117 MPH. It was fascinating. B really enjoyed the historical tableau inside the Pullman Baggage car, but I was too busy chasing H to see the WWI coffin or much of the mail train. B's dad worked on a mail train in Indianapolis after returning from WWII.

If you ride the Ghost Train stick around for the rest of the museum and wear sturdy shoes.


Anonymous said...

thank you for the review!!!

i was going to go next weekend but this doesn't sound like the right trip for me, especially with that young of a crowd running around.

THANK you. :)

(loved monticello's allerton park and brown bag though!)

Henny Penny said...

If you go for the evening Ghost Train it will be an older crowd. The matinee rides are aimed for young kids and the night rides for older kids and adults.

Anonymous said...

The scale of the picture with H in front of the steam engine makes the steam engine look gigantic. said...

Years ago, and I mean years, my grandparents took me on the Ghost Train.

I still get a thrill out of riding on a train.

Mrs. Chicken said...

I bet The Poo would adore this. Is it crowded on weekends?

Henny Penny said...

We went to the 2:30 Sunday train and it was not crowded at all.