Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stuffed-Aria Pizza, Lincoln

The other night driving home from Springfield, B and I decided to pick up a pizza in Lincoln. We randomly picked Stuffed-Aria Pizza from the Internet and ordered a deluxe and cheese bread, figuring every pizza place has that.

When I pulled up to the little shack of a building I was feeling like we were probably going to get a really good pizza, but a little worried that they might not take plastic and I only had a $20 bill. I went in to pick up the pizza and the total was $27.85. Whoops. I told the man at the counter to let me check my car for change and went back outside. $27.25 later I returned with a pocket FULL of silver and a handful of uncounted pennies. Luckily he considered our pizza paid for and I was on my way home.

At home we were pleasantly surprised with a really good stuffed pizza. The cheese bread was downright awesome. The pizza was very much like the double crust at Del Carmen's East in Decatur. Lots of cheese and lots of finely chopped veggies. The dough was soft and bready. The red sauce was plain, not particularly sweet or tangy. I'll definitely be ordering from Stuffed-Aria Pizza again and will show up with enough cash.


Anonymous said...

In today's world, it doesn't make sense for an establishment not to take credit or debit cards. To me, it shows a disregard for their customers. It doesn't take much to setup an account with Visa/Mastercard. I'll avoid going to places that don't take plastic, because it tells me they just don't really care about my business.

Leah said...

We still have plenty of places in Chicago that are cash only. It takes some planning, but I'm okay with it. For small independent businesses, it costs them to let you use a card. For some it isn't worth the fee like it is for high volume stores.

Most diners are cash only in the city and I can think of one burger joint.