Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wettstein's Organic Farm, Carlock

I've told you about some great local butchers in Central Illinois, but what if you want to get even closer to the source and get incredible locally grown organic hand raised meat? Meat that will make you swoon.

Try the Wettstein's family farm near Carlock for out of this world poultry and beef. The Wettstein's have been featured by Farm Aid and are located a short drive from Bloomington-Normal. Take your family and tour the farm with the charming Wettstein children before you make your purchases. You'll see chickens eating loads of bugs and moved to fresh grass daily. You can walk all over a beautiful diversified farm with many different animals. It's like disappearing into a children's book.

Be ready to stock up while you are there because once you get home and taste the steaks, eggs, or chicken you'll wish you had purchased more. As good as the beef is at Eastside Market in Decatur or Walnut Street Deli in Le Roy, the steaks from the Wettstein's farm will completely trump any you've ever had. They also offer pork and lamb which I've not tried.

Dennis and Emily Wettstein RR # 1 — Carlock, (309) 376-7291. Since it's a family farm you should probably call ahead to see what meat is available and get directions.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

awww man, I really wish you had started all of this when I lived there. Oh wait, you were having a baby and recuperating. Never mind.

Henny Penny said...

Dude, I should have started doing this YEARS ago. I've been doing it in my head since I moved here in 1995.