Sunday, July 29, 2007

Walnut Street Meat & Deli

I'm going to take a break from parks today because of the delicious steaks B and I had for dinner last night. I love to find great butcher shops and have several to eventually tell you about.

Yesterday I purchased two Burgundy pepper ribeye steaks and a bunch of garlic bratwursts at Walnut Street Meat & Deli on Hwy 150 in LeRoy. The steaks were excellent, nicely marbled and the marinade was just right. The meat was cut when I ordered and I had my choice of thickness. The steaks were very tasty with a Goose Island Summertime Kolsch. At $10.70 a pound, dinner cost as much as going to a restaurant, but the steak was as good or better. I asked whether the meats were local and found out the ribeyes come from Paxton, Illinois.

The real star at Walnut Street Meat & Deli are the bratwursts and sausages. Every time I'm there a new seasonal flavor is available fresh and there are many flavors to choose from in the freezer. The fresh brats and sausages are practically greaseless and do not shrink up while you are grilling. Delicious, and at $2-3 a pound an economical meal. We used them for a early summer party and everyone raved about the habanero brats and Italian sausages.

The shop also has daily lunch specials, frozen local meats including Oxtails, frozen fish, and various marinades and salsas.


BlogFreeSpringfield said...

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Henny Penny said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Dan.

Henny Penny said...

Walnut St has closed.