Sunday, July 22, 2007

Micheleo's Pizza in uptown Normal

When B and I discovered Micheleo's Pizza in 1996 or 97 it was a revelation. Deep dish options in Central Illinois were scarce and Micheleo's was superb. For a year B lived a couple blocks from a Micheleo's and we took romantic evening walks to pick up the heavy pie and bring it back to his studio apartment. After B moved away from Bloomington Normal we would occasionally rhapsodize about the deep dish pizzas but we rarely made a special trip to eat there.

Now we live much closer to BN and we do make the trip into Normal for Micheleo's Pizza every few months. What you'll find is a college dive atmosphere with pinball and Golden Tee. The service is usually adequate and you can bring a child without worrying too much about noise.

There are increasing deep dish options in Central Illinois but Micheleo's still stands out as a great pizza. The pizza is loaded with pounds of cheese and the toppings are well distributed. The crust is good but not the star of the pie. It is not the thick spongy crust most Chicago style pizzas sport. One large or two small pieces is the most I can eat. A 14 inch pan will satisfy 4-5 people.

If you are prone to heartburn watch out, some of the deluxe combinations can be a time bomb. The Mexican Deluxe had me literally foaming from the mouth late in pregnancy.

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Micheleo's Pizza
116 North Street
Normal, Illinois

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