Saturday, July 21, 2007

Del Carmens West. Will this order be for carry-out or delivery?

To begin this blog on the right foot I'll start by telling you about the best thin crust pizza in Central Illinois.

From the outside you will wonder whether this is a place you really want to eat. The exterior looks rather like a garage and there is no eat-in option, but the pizza will bring you back again and again. Del Carmens West is pizza that inspires complete loyalty in me and my husband. When our son was an infant we had to take long drives so he would sleep. If we found ourselves heading toward Decatur we would call Del Carmens and order, stop in, and drive slowly home enjoying a double crust La Carmencita on the way.

What makes Del Carmens so good is a combination of a sweet sauce, soft dough, and the not to be missed DOUBLE CRUST. They layer crust, sauce, and crust before making the pizza of your choice. For about $20 you can get a 16 inch double crust with 5 toppings. It will feed a happy crowd and there is no call for the French dressing treatment so popular at other thin crust pizza joints.

FYI - be sure to order from Del Carmens WEST, because Del Carmens East, while good, is not the same.

Del Carmens West
1601 West Grand
Decatur, Illinois

Tomorrow I'll tell you about a good deep dish option in Normal.

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Anonymous said...

Del Carmens west is absolutely heavenly. Their double crust is delicious. They have specials all the time for buy a large for medium price. Delivery is always around 45 minutes to an hour but their pizza's are always great. The owner (might be a rumor) but I heard they grow their own green peppers in the summer for the pizzas, if it's true maybe its an added part that makes the pizzas so good.