Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Nothing fancy but the taste"

Last weekend we took the short drive to Heyworth to try the pizza at Fussy Bunny Market. FBM is a cute downtown restaurant with a few antiques for sale. There are only three tables but they were not busy when we were there.

I ordered Des Moines salad for each of us and the Rockwell pizza. I'd never heard of a Des Moines salad and was pleasantly surprised when a bed of baby spinach came out loaded with fresh fruit and a very light tangy dressing. So summery! The owner was very nice to us and told us not to worry about H exploring the store. He said, "there's nothing fancy here but the taste." That was true! We were served on paper plates and chose our craft sodas right off the shelf. We tried a peach soda, an orange Crush, and a craft root beer. They also had Green River soda, Route 66 Soda, a sarsaparilla soda, and many kinds of root beer.

I was so charmed by Fussy Bunny Market that I want to offer a little constructive criticism. Regular readers know I don't normally do this, but the atmosphere was so pleasant, the owner was so nice to us, the salad was so good, and the toppings on the pizza were great - but Fussy Bunny needs to use a different crust. If the crust were better, the pizza would be much improved. As it was, the crust was more similar to what you'd buy out of the freezer at the grocery store than a restaurant. If they could create a crust like Roma Ralphs or Luca Pizza or Del Carmens, we'd probably eat there twice a month.

We were stuffed from the pizza and salad, so we didn't order dessert. The owner gave H a cookie on our way out. From the menu it looked like they have fresh desserts each week. The Fussy Bunny Market has short hours, so be sure to time your trip Wednesday through Saturday, 4-8 pm.

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