Friday, June 20, 2008

Best six lunches in Springfield?

I have six more lunches left in Springfield before I'm set loose to cover ground in rural east central Illinois. Where are the best six lunches in Springfield? Give me a good place to take a group lunch anywhere in town, plus five other spots. I've already eaten my fill of Head West and the Feed Store and will probably be fitting in ONE more trip to Magic Kitchen.

Tell me Springfieldians - where should I spend my remaining lunch hours?


Anonymous said...

I like the Vietnamese place on Wabash. I think it's called Little Saigon. I've also heard there's a Laotian place on South Second (I think) just south of South Grand. I've never tried it though.
Jennifer D.

The Goo & Squeak: said...

- Charlie Parkers (great lunch specials)
- Memorial Hospital Cafeteria (can accomodate large crowd / cheap)
- There's a new little Thai/Vietnamese place at 2nd & South Grand (every dish is made fresh - don't let looks fool you)
- The Wallaye Stop is a favorite of mine...
- I also have found, beleive it or not, Top Cats to be pretty pleasant... on Stevenson Drive.

The Goo & Squeak: said...

Also - and what about this...

My stepdad claims that Spfld is some sort of chili capitol of the world? I thought that was SINcinatti.

Joe Rogers Chili Parlor?

Angel said...

It's too late now, but after my last doctor appointment Joe took me to Cafe Moxo for lunch. It is one of his favorite restaurants downtown and I now know why! You've probably already eaten there but I just wanted to mention it. Great lunch menu and just a really nice place to relax while enjoying great food and company.

Anonymous said...

I love your site! We live in St. Louis, but my husband is from Peoria, so we are driving through your area quite often. I'm going to pass this on to him!

I've thought about doing something like this. Sometimes I feel like there is so much going on around us that it is hard to know what we want to do or what would be the best option for our family. The little places get ignored in favor of the big attractions.

Anonymous said...

Parkway Cafe! I'm real bad with directions but it is in Springfield. We love this place!

Some places outside of Springpatch. Galina's in Riverton for the best Italian pizza and food; a true Italian cook! The Wedge In Illiopolis for small town closeness, burger and fries and yummy ice cream. And the ultimate favorite place for breakfast in all of central Illinois by far has to be Jan's East End Grill in Decatur. This last place seriously has the best breakfast I have ever eaten anywhere in Illinois and fast too! Also in Decatur for awesome lunches and dinners, Gabby's. This place is great for family and friend get togethers.

I'm sure to think of a few more, maybe I'll be back around to drop a few more suggestions!