Saturday, March 15, 2008

Flesor's Candy Kitchen

At the suggestion of Mrs. Chicken, Henry and I went to Tuscola last Saturday to sample the candy at Flesor's Candy Kitchen.

Oh. My. Ya'll.

Flesor's is a destination, not just a candy shop. First H and I had lunch, a mushroom and swiss burger and potato salad for me and a big bowl of potato bacon soup for H. We just drank water, big mistake, Flesor's is a full service soda shop and the drinks other tables were getting looked awesome.

ANYWAY, lunch was very good and hearty.

Then we went to check out the candy. We peeked in the back and saw chocolates being made by hand. Henry decided on a bag of gummy bears and a dark chocolate and strawberry fluff Easter egg. I chose a pound box of mixed chocolates to take to my grandmother. The gummy bears were as good as a gummy bear can be, fresh, soft, nice enough flavor. The Easter egg was a HUGE hit. Henry was entirely silent and focused as he s-l-o-w-l-y ate every bit of it. The boxed chocolates were beautiful and the charleston chew-like piece I ate was very chewy/sticky and the chocolate was dark.

Flesor's Candy Kitchen is in the downtown area of Tuscola which I had NEVER been to even though I have driven thru Tuscola many times a year for 12 years. You go to last/first stoplight at the west end of town on Hwy 36 and go north a few blocks to Sale Street. Flesor's is on the south-west corner. Go, take your kids and your grandparents, everyone will enjoy the trip.


Amy said...

We went for ice cream sundaes today after the outlet mall for shoes.

Can you believe I told YOU about a place in C.I. that you've never been to?

I'm almost a native at this point!

Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

We went there for lunch today as a matter of fact. And then ran into Mrs. Chicken at Old Navy (small world).

Next time you are there and someone is making candy, pop your head in the door. They are likely to invite you into the kitchen and tell you stories as they make the candy.

Henny Penny said...

When you go to Flescor's Candy Kitchen you MUST try the sea salt & chocolate covered caramels. They are out of this WORLD.

Anonymous said...

I got the sea salt Dark chocolate(good for your heart) caramel candy-a tear came into my eye at the lovely flavor. LHJ