Monday, October 29, 2007

Trick or Treat

Our Central Illinois Life family is so excited about Halloween. We have already had one opportunity to take H out in his home made fox costume and he loves it. He is finally at an age where dressing up is fun. He has no idea what is happening Wednesday evening, but we have been practicing knocking on the door, then saying "Trick or Treat" loudly and then a thank you.

Yesterday we carved 3 of the 5 pumpkins we got at the various pumpkin patches. The one from Great Pumpkin Patch was completely rotting and had to go in the compost. The striped one from Furrow's Red Barn was the easiest to carve, and smelled delicious. I'm sure that is an eating pumpkin because it smelling like a combination of zucchini and cantaloupe. The big pumpkin from Warrensburg was a bit overripe and slimy, but still has plenty of structural integrity and the little pumpkin from Apple Blossom Orchard was normal.

We've now got all our treats to hand out, finger traps, M&Ms, and mini Play-Doh. Can't wait for Wednesday night! I hope the weather holds.

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Mrs. Chicken said...

We're pretty psyched over here, too. Hope you all have a great time!