Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ghost Rally!

You know what they are, you know where they are.
People come here looking for information on Ghost Rallys and you are trying to get people to come to your Ghost Rally.
I don't know the first thing about Ghost Rallys. Is it some kind of biker thing? Is it a scavenger hunt? Teh Internets need to know.

Leave a comment like Frammy Frue did to let us know that the Danville Lynch fire department ghost rally is on Sunday the 21st leaving the stadium at dark!

Now I know, a Ghost Rally is a scavenger hunt based on clues. The car which logs the least amount of miles and finds the most answers to the clues wins.

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Leah said...

It took some googling but I found this from 2002.

"For those who are not familiar with a Ghost Rally, it is similar to a scavenger hunt. Each car starts with a poem, which contains directions to the sites and hints to the clues at the sites."