Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Central Illinois Food Banks

Sorry for the silence this week, I've been busy working full time for the first time in 3 years. Whoa! How do you bloggers who work do it? I barely have enough time to tackle my bloglines subscriptions and then it's time for bed.

So many Central Illinois bloggers have been writing this week about hunger in Central Illinois and the Eastern Illinois Foodbank's current food drive.

But what if your area isn't served by the Eastern Illinois Foodbank? Wouldn't you still like to contribute? I mean, who can turn a single dollar in TEN dollars worth of food? The food bank can. Magic. Talk about bang for your charitable buck.

In my small town IGA there is a box for food pantry donations right by the door and I try to drop something in when I can. But to do more you have to know more. Here's the contact information for eight more Central Illinois food banks who could use your donation of dollars or dinners as well.

Ford County Food Pantry (217) 379-9128 780 S Vermillion St Paxton
Center of Hope Food Pantry (309) 452-8240 116 N Cottage Ave Normal
Food Pantry (217) 345-2823 411 Jackson Ave Charleston
Loami Area Community Pantry (217) 624-9900 106 S Main St Loami
Jacksonville Food Bank (217) 243-1122 316 E State St Jacksonville
Midwest Food Bank (309) 663-5350 1703 S Veterans Pkwy Bloomington
Peoria Area Food Bank (309) 671-3906 721 W Mcbean St Peoria
Central Illinois Foodbank (217) 522-4022 2000 E Moffat Ave Springfield

Do you know of more food banks? Leave a comment!


Mrs. Chicken said...

Glad you did this too. The Poo's preschool hopped on board too, thanks to Leannthro, and we're collecting food at school.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I always think the bloggers who work have an easier time, at least if they have a job working with computers, because they seem to blog at work. I used to have a job where there were slow periods that I could have used to blog -- and I think it would have been easier than trying to fit it in between household chores while the kids are at school or asleep.

Seth Patinkin said...
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Jenn said...

This woman is a big supporter of donating food and supplies that food banks need, and she provides a way to inexpensively do so--using coupons. This has been great for me, a SAHM, to still be able to contribute to the need here in Central IL while I'm caring for my family!

Lisa B-K said...

There are 8 regional food banks in Illinois - you can find yours here.

If you're not in IL, you can find you regional food bank at America's Second Harvest - just type in your zip code and there you go.

These agencies get food - either donated en masse or purchased in bulk by the food bank - into the food pantries at a much lower cost than if the food pantry acquired it on their own.

Thanks so much for posting about Food For Families and the Eastern Illinois Foodbank - we belong to the community.

Henny Penny said...

Look at what Decatur did!