Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ultimate Play Space, Clinton

Last week my sister and I were driving around Clinton, Illinois on a blog research trip and boy were we impressed. The downtown area is much bigger and nicer than I expected. There seems to be some love for the square and lots of renovation going on in nearby commercial buildings. We saw one particular building with gorgeous copper work going up outside.

Why were we in Clinton? Specifically to visit the Ultimate Play Space! Located behind the YMCA is a 13 acre park with a elaborate wooden play area (fenced in!) plus a sprinkler park plus porto-potties, plus swing and the older equipment. The Ultimate Play Space is separated into a Tot Lot and an area for bigger kids. Awesome! I didn't get any photos, but you can check out the Chamber of Commerce website and photos here. Once you turn onto Alexander off Rte 54, it's a quick left following the sign for Kiwanis Park. It almost looks like you are turning into an alley or the Y parking lot.

Addendum! B is a great sport and we returned to the Ultimate Play Space this evening to test it out. It was awesome! This is such a nice park and our son had a blast running with the herds of children. Here are some of the pictures I took. The Tot Lot was a big hit for H. Perfectly sized steps and all kinds of fun hiding places. Very nice materials and deep soft mulch. These photos show about 1/3 of the big kid play structure. It was huge and packed with children. You can see the sprinkler park in the distance.Some older equipment is spread out over 13 acres of lawn. I thought the motorcycle club brick was humorous.
Hopefully we can make it back for the Apple and Pork Festival, September 29 & 30, the quintessential Midwestern fall festival. If you like crafts you'll love the Apple and Pork festival. Myself, I love apples and pork so I go for the food and stay for the art.

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