Saturday, September 8, 2007

Old Movie Theaters

Growing up I watched a lot of movies at the old Indiana Theater with its ornate lobby, marble stairs, ladies lounge, and a giant balcony. I adore seeing movies on one big screen and feeling a connection to the past.

I haven't found any grand theaters like the Indiana here, but there are some well loved old theaters where you can enjoy the true big screen.

The Avon is a wonderful old theater with a balcony where you can see both first run mainstream movies and independent movies. B and I used to go every single week no matter what was showing. We had our seats with extra leg room in the balcony and a tub of their awesome real butter popcorn to share. One thing I loved about the Avon was that you could (and probably still can) e-mail the owner and request movies. I remember seeing a review for Monsoon Wedding and asking Skip about getting it and he did.

The Princess Theatre in Le Roy is another wonderful old theater with a great big screen. They show family movies on the weekends and can also host special events. How cool would it be to screen an old favorite there? Too bad the website is not up to date on their schedule.
Super Bad is playing this weekend (9-14/15)

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Henny Penny said...

What about having a child's birthday party at the Princess Theatre, you could show an old movie like Winnie the Pooh.