Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lock Stock and Barrel, Decatur

Lock Stock & Barrel, or LSB, is a Decatur institution. Located by Millikin University, it's a family run restaurant, bar and live music venue. These kind of places tend to come and go in Decatur, but LSB has the right combination of quality food and drink and great music to keep it in business for 30 years. The repurposing of an alley into pleasant outside seating in recent years has made a great place even better.

At lunchtime people come for the homemade soup, taco bar, and excellent sandwiches. I love the spinach and strawberry salad and the hot Black Forest sandwich. This year on the 30th of every month they charge 1977 prices on the original menu. $5 will get two people a full lunch.

LSB is a good place to watch sports. They have two large screen TVs that are perpetually tuned to sports. But it's a baseball bar so you'll have to wait til the Cardinals are done to get the Bears' game on. grumble grumble.

As a bar, LSB is a comfortable place to spend the evening. The wait staff is attentive and personable, appetizers are available until 10 pm, and they have several good beers on tap (Guinness, Bass, Stella, Goose Island). As a live music venue, LSB brings in consistently good music and the cover charge is usually low. LSB gives local bands a receptive audience that's hard to find elsewhere. It is also a frequent home for 56 Hope Road, whom you should make every effort to see live. Check out the 56 Hope Road blog here.

(I'm getting sidetracked but, 56 Hope Road and Ween will be at the Canopy Club in Champaign in October. 56! Ween! On the same night! How much fun will that be? TONS!)


Anonymous Communist said...

I seem to remember an eatery here in Springfield back in the 1980s having the name Lox, Stock and Bagel.

Oh... Cardinals > Bears.

Anonymous said...

There is (or was) definitely a restaurant in Champaign-Urbana called Lox, Stock and Bagel. Either you are getting your CIL cities confused or it was a chain.

Though with a comment like Cardinals > Bears, it seems you are generally a confused person, so that might explain it. :)

Anonymous said...

LSB is in Decatur, and the owners are truly some of the most friendly people in town. They have owned it for 30 years. for their anniversary they brought back the origional menu from 30 years ago and charged the origional priced. Lock Stock and Barrel has good food and the beer is always cold.

Bourbon Barrell, is also a small little Decatur spot that is enjoyable. They went through a major remodel and added 3 times the amount of space and offer more food. Beer is always cold here too. Service is sometimes slow but the gal in the kitchen does a great job. It's hidden in the back of the Colonial Mall/Colonial Place near the Walgreens on Grand & 48 and Famous Liquors.

Check out Kreckel's for some of the best burgers and shakes in town. Also located in the Colonial Mall.