Friday, August 24, 2007

Central Illinois Round Up #5

What Central Illinois bloggers do you enjoy reading? Leave a comment and help me discover more great blogs. Or leave a comment to plug your own Central Illinois blog!

She may not like mybana, but Mrs. Chicken has a goodly following of readers and there's a reason. Her writing is top notch.

I linked to him last week, but it's worth doing again. Anonymous Communist keeps his blog rolling with lighthearted fun. I verily enjoy his lists of band names.

It hasn't been updated in 4 long months, but I just discovered Global Heartland and find it a fascinating project.

Political junkies can't just rely on Capitol Fax, that why I like Bethany's reporting at Illinois Issues.

B and I used to DIY all the time at our Decatur house, now I live vicariously thru gotshoo?

Thanks to Will at Where there's a Will, there's a way for blogrolling Central Illinois Life this week.


Amy said...

Mrs. Chicken thanks you for making Mybana more palatable.

Had a wonderful time today.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Chicken and I are having a lot of the same feelings---scarey!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Henny Penny. Thanks for the kind words and link. said...

HP, just put some new outlets in the basement this weekend. Then spent the weekend reorganizing.. never seems to end.

Keep coming back, I got a long enough list to blog for years.