Thursday, August 16, 2007

First Fruits Produce, Mahomet

Speaking of the ease of finding organic groceries... There is a new organic grocery and cafe in Mahomet right on Rt 47 by the elementary school.

First Fruits Produce is supplied by a 50 acre sustainable family farm north of Mahomet that uses organic practices. They grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and poultry. The lunch menu includes reasonably prices sandwiches and soups as well as homemade desserts. I haven't eaten lunch there, but I have stopped in for produce a few times and it has all been delicious. Sometime the fruit doesn't even survive the ride home because we can't wait to tear into the cherries and blueberries.

My son adores blueberries and I was under the impression that I did not like them. But after buying First Fruits Produce berries I realized how much the thumb size supermarket berries lack. I can't tell you specifically what difference there is in the berries, but their flavor was just how I remember blueberries tasting when I was a child.

I hope CU residents make regular trips out to Mahomet or stop by the Urbana Farmer's Market for wonderful produce from this local farm.


Anonymous said...

Just a note, your information is wrong. Strawberry Fields is not closing. The cafe space has closed for remodelling,but the store is actually expanding. The coffee bar is open, and deli offerings, although limited, are still available.

Henny Penny said...

Great news to hear! I'll change it.