Friday, August 10, 2007

Central Illinois Life Round-Up #3

Wow, Fridays come around quick. My son and I took advantage of the nice, somewhat cooler weather, to play at the Tipton sprinkler park at College and Airport Road today with ~50 other small children. We had a super HUGE fun time and so did everyone else.

I want to highlight a fundraiser this weekend in Champaign. If you aren't at the state fair, swing by the Esquire Lounge for a spagetti dinner to support Toys for Troops.

I've had the McLean County windfarm of my list of topics since starting this blog. At IlliniPundit, there's a post about how awesome the windfarm is to drive through. I'll put it on the google map.

The Frog Blog of Central Illinois is an incredibly small niche blog and a really cool concept.

Steam Room Quantum Mechanics has a short guide to what's blooming in Central Illinois.

And Lucas says what many are thinking. Please, please get a state budget finalized. Thank you senate and house staff for all the long hours you've put in this summer.


Anonymous said...

I saw some trucks transporting the blades for these windmills. They're HUGE! The trucks were the kind you see transporting bridge sections, with the bridge section acting as part of the trailer with wheels strapped on either end. The windmill blades were a good 70' long. They must look awesome once they're in place. I may have to go check out this windfarm.

Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

I think wind farms are so architecturally interesting! I can't wait to see the ones being built for the U of I. Not to mention that each will provide about 1% of the university's power. Too cool!

Thanks for stopping by my site!!

Henny Penny said...

The windmills are awesome. You could get into an accident watching them too closely. We live close to them and have watched every step of the installation with interest and excitement. There are 120 windmills up now and more to come.

Anonymous said...

These wind farms indeed are a sight to behold.

I just don't understand the NIMBY mindset against them.