Friday, August 3, 2007

Central Illinois Life Round-Up #2

Every one has to eat and these folks will tell you where.

Peoria Peepers seems to stick mainly to restaurants in the Peoria area. Peoria is the one town I don't visit in Central Illinois. Not for any reason in particular, but I think I've been there three times in the twelve years I've lived round these parts.

But after reading this review of River Station, I may make a date with B in Peoria. Central Illinois Gourmand writes about Peoria and Macomb.

For food photography, try Champaign Taste. I was so sad to learn how good the food is at Seaboat II after I spent all summer trying to find good places to eat around Neal and Kirby.

You have got to eat in a lot of restaurants in Springfield to be able to meet the "Name that Restaurant" photo challenge at Springfield Photos.


Peoria Peepers said...

We don't make it to Bloomington or Normal as much as I would like for dining. But we are branching out some more, in the name of Central Illinois blogging.

monkey said...

Growing up in Peoria, I would without a doubt recommend the River Station if you're looking for fine dining. Though I haven't been since they re-opened, I remember an amazing Sunday brunch!