Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Greenthoughts Garden soap

Last week I went to the opening day of the Springfield Old Capitol Farmers Market and was fortunate to stop at the stall for Greenthoughts Garden.

Greenthoughts Garden sells herbal soaps, balms, body oils and skin care products that are hand grown and handmade. The owner grows the herbs in small batches and harvests and processes herself. And Oh. My. Gawd. can you tell when you use it! I bought her glorious Wild Rose herbal soap with rose hips, rosebuds, rose geraniums, lavender and rosemary. First of all, the soap has a nice lather and has exfoliating crumbles in it. Second, THE SMELL, the scent is out of this world. It's like bathing in a rose garden, a real rose garden, not a faked perfume rose garden.

I'm definitely going back one of these Wednesdays for Patchouli-Sassafras body oil - oh you say it's Wednesday today? Then it's my lucky day!

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