Saturday, May 31, 2008

Central Illinois Life Round-up #17

Bloomington Farmers Market vendors Monkey in the Kitchen and I purchased from this morning included:

Twin Oak Meats - for brats and pork sticks.

Grand Prairie Food - green garlic. What do you think you do with a stalk of green garlic?

Ropp Jersey Cheese - various cheddars and a cheese spread.

Mackinaw Valley Apiary - yummy honey

A. Renee - wine, wine accessories, gifts, chocolate! The chocolate covered sunflower seeds were divine!

The farmer's market was hopping this morning, with a band and lots of folks admiring and purchasing radishes, turnips, and lettuces.

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gigglechirp said...

that sounds like a TON more fun than what I'm doin!!

I love this blog. :)