Friday, April 4, 2008

Magic Kitchen

Another super-fantastic lunch place near my work is Magic Kitchen (Thai). I go once a week whether I have a lunch buddy or not. I adore the asparagus and chicken dish and rarely stray. Last week I got the green curry and it wasn't as saucy as Thai House in Bloomington but it was hot hot hot.

If you are new to Magic Kitchen here's the 411 because it's not intuitive. If you are dining there, someone will seat you. There's no sign to let you know. If you want to drink something other than water you'll have to tell the waitstaff. They put a carafe of water on the table and I have never been asked for a drink order (but they do have wine). If you are carrying out, walk to the back of the restaurant to the cash register to give your order. Better yet, call ahead. First time I called ahead they said 15 minutes, I arrived in 10, and my food was already bagged up and ready to go. That kitchen moves quick!

The veggies are so fresh at Magic Kitchen that I definitely suggest a vegetable laden meal. Yum yum.

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Anonymous Communist said...

I've been to Magic Kitch only once. I prefer Thai Kitchen on Ninth Street, just north of Carpenter.