Thursday, March 6, 2008

Del's Popcorn Shop

Easter is just over three weeks away so I thought this would be the perfect time to tell you about some candy jewels in our midst.

This week I went to Del's Popcorn Shop and spent under $13 and got a box of 12 truffles, a baggie of Kookaburra Strawberry Licorice, a baggie of crunchy bears (for the kids!) and 2 large caramels. Tonight Bob, Henry, and I sat down to sample the goods.

Our least favorite was the Kookaburra Strawberry Licorice because the flavor wasn't very bold. We both expected more real strawberry flavor. I'd have to sample their regular strawberry licorice to really gauge the difference. It tasted slightly herby.

Next we liked the crunchy gummy bears which has a huge blast of flavor. I couldn't figure out the pink flavor, but the blue was a strong (and good) raspberry. The crunchy gummy bears were the biggest hit with Henry. He wanted to hoard them for play.

I ate a pecan caramel on my drive home yesterday. I woke up my sweet tooth without putting her to bed. It was not as sweet as a Kraft caramel but more flavorful.

Now we get to the best, the chocolates. Oh. My. God. the truffles were SO good. Both the dark and milk chocolate were some of the best quality chocolates I've had (and I've had some good chocolates cause my dad orders them from chocolatiers). Bob and I both melted into puddles on the floor after the first truffle and immediately decided we weren't putting them away just yet.

Del's stores are really cute. They are like the original that Cracker Barrel copies but only stocked with popcorn, candy, and ice cream. I could see taking a child there and letting them browse a long time before selecting just the right treat. I went to the downtown Springfield location for ease, but they are also in Decatur and Mount Zion. Take a look at these cute popcorn bunnies. (They're cuter in person) If we celebrated Easter these would be my choice for the basket's main attraction.


Leeanthro said...

I've heard about Del's and we're stopping by next time we go to the zoo!

My husband and daughter LOVE popcorn!

Henny Penny said...

I was to amend by saying I think the truffles are great filled chocolates, but I'm not sure they are really truffles. I haven't ever has a real truffle that I know of, but aren't they covered in powder and not a perfectly formed ball.

Anonymous said...

Tom in Spfld: Love them...have such great food in this town. Have fun