Friday, October 5, 2007

Central Illinois Life Round-up #11

Since I've joined BlogHer Ads they've classified me as a food blog. Central Illinois Life is not a food blog so much as a hyper local blog written by a blogger who likes to eat. But because of this classification I've been poking around food blogs more often and today I want to share some local food links.

Illinois Farm Direct is a fantastic tool for finding locally grown foods. Go put in your zip code and see all the farms near you. I found farms within 10 miles of my house that I did not know existed.

Shares for community supported agriculture programs are being put under contract now for next year. In Bloomington, Henry's Farm CSA and Mitchell Farms are an excellent source for fresh vegetables. In Champaign, look to both Moore Family Farm and Prairieland CSA. Two more Central Illinois CSA programs are Blue Schoolhouse Farm CSA (309.467.9228) in Congerville and White Oak Farm CSA (217.562.2573) in Pana.

For something herby, visit Mari-Mann Herb Farm just outside Decatur. And for everything lavender, go to Mackinaw to visit Lavender Creek Farm.

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Mom said...

Thanks for that first link! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Pontious Farms for blueberries. We went probably 6 or 8 times this summer and came home with 2-3 pounds of blueberries each time. At one point we were going about every 3 days because my kids were killing the berries that fast!

Also, Bluemoon farm has the BEST tomatoes. We got some of the green zebras at the farmers market and if you like real garden tomatoes these are the ones for you.

Nice to know other farms exsist locally to get other things as well. We live in the heart of farm country, might as well make use of it.

Personally, I would call your blog a travel blog but that is just me :)

Thanks for writing.