Wednesday, September 5, 2007

West Park, McLean County

I found this small park in rural McLean County recently and returned today to take pictures. It's a creepy spot, perfect for teenagers who want to hang out undisturbed. Until the man with a hook for a hand comes to kill them!

"This park was donated to McLean County by Simeon Henry West on the 10th of September 1906 for a forest preserve and is dedicated to the lovers of forestry for all coming time."
The park has a small shelter with a fireplace and a couple picnic tables. There are two grills, a possible outhouse, and a water pump without its handle. The trees are really huge here. According to the McLean County website they are old growth. It also says there is a nature trail, but we didn't find it.
Mostly it's just trees and grass. You could tell it had been mowed recently and there were several piles of downed limbs, so the county must maintain it somewhat. The birds were going nuts while we were there. It sounded like a lively bird habitat.
The most interesting part was the messages written on the building.

I'll do my best to mark it on the google map. I took photos of the road signs nearby so I should be able to get pretty close.
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