Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sugar Grove Nature Center, Funks Grove

Sometimes a road trip yields unexpected surprises. Today's was no different. We wound our way through the country enjoying the golden corn and browning beans. We counted tractors and combines and sang Old MacDonald as loud as we could. I had printed out a Google map route for our destination, but missed a turn. I thought one country road is the same as the next around here, so I made my next right on a gravel road figuring it would meet up with the next part of the route a few miles north. Surprise! It did not, we landed smack dab in the middle of an industrial hog farm. Whoops! So we turned around and took the NEXT right and did find our way back to the route. Our target destination this morning was the Sugar Grove Nature Center near Funks Grove. We parked and made our way through the gourd tunnel following the path to the covered bridge and the woods.
In the woods there is a great play area for children with a cabin, tire horse swing, a fire pit, tractor tires, and a fort.We had a grand time exploring and climbing.
Walking back toward the nature center itself there are beautiful prairie vistas.

The nature center is a great place for small children. There was a tent to play in, lots of terrariums and aquariums, a reading nook, a sand table, and a "Nut House" with many puppets. I liked the bird sanctuary but my son was more interested in running hither and yon. So much tactile exploration to do here!

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Anonymous said...

What? No picture of the hog farm?

Henny Penny said...

If you've smelt one hog farm, you've smelt them all.