Saturday, September 1, 2007

Get your drink on, Springfield

What I look for in a bar is interesting beer on tap, comfortable seating, and friendly staff and customers. The perfect spot would include a shuffleboard table, but that's a fantasy.

Two bars in Springfield that fit the bill are (no surprise to my Springfeld readers) Brewhaus and Floyd's Thirst Parlor.

I have fond memories of the Brewhaus because 6 years ago my co-workers threw me an impromptu wedding shower there. It is a dark hole in the wall with truly hundreds of beers available. If you can't find something to like there you are probably out of luck anywhere.

Floyd's Thirst Parlor caters to a younger crowd than the Brewhaus. They often have live music crammed into a nook in the back. I like it on a Saturday afternoon when it's almost empty and you can sit in the front display window and watch the downtown traffic. Floyd's doesn't have any where near the selection of beers as the Brewhaus, but the taps are good and they often have a couple unusual kegs.

There are lots of choices in downtown Springfield for a night out, and these two bars top my list.

Gone but not forgotten: Di's Place behind Bunn golf course. Shuffleboard, fabulous tenderloin sandwiches, and a stay all day atmosphere. What a treat. Unfortunately, I never got to take B there.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much too old for the bar game, but Brewhaus and Floyd's are about the only places here I'd consider going to.