Friday, September 21, 2007

Central Illinois Round-up #9

My dad took me to many, many high school and ISU football games as a child. And later when I marched in the band on Friday nights he was always there. Did you get out your sweatshirts last week and enjoy a little small town Friday night football? I did, and so did Chambana Fanna Fo Fanna. Put them away again this weekend.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are working on the Pinto with my dad. This photo is probably 1978, my dad was B's age. Analog Periphery writes a moving post on the automotive section and his father.

I also installed and sanded a lot of drywall with my dad.

My dad did his good grandpa deed of the year this summer by hosting my teenage nephew in Maine. I think he'd enjoy this poem from Hilton Hightower.

According to my dad, this is about how new houses are built in Indianapolis. That really tickles me.


MidlifeMutant said...

Have a happy weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey now, I came here to read you just to find out you read me. Glad to find another local in the vast interweb!