Friday, August 17, 2007

Automechanics we have loved

B asked me to do a post on automechanics after having awesome service last week at Erickson's Auto Service. Actually he's had awesome service at Erickson's for 2 years. The mechanics are nice, quick, reliable (they fix it and it doesn't break down again), and reasonably priced. B has gone in and said, "I'm getting rid of this car in 6 months. What must be done for it to last that long?" And they will work with him on that. They've kept the Buick running longer than we anticipated.

Since we moved I had been getting my oil changed at ye old qwik and/or speedy lube of the jif variety, but after the great service and low price I found at Community Tire in Mahomet I'm sticking with them. My hood latch has been getting all wonky over the last six months. And while the mechanics at first suggested I take it to an autobody shop for repair, they ended up repairing the latch FOR FREE while I waited, WITHOUT me asking.

Prior to moving away, I used Rainbow Automotive in Decatur for my Honda after the dealership wanted to charge $90 just to hook the car up to the computer chip reading doo-hickey. Are you kidding me? I took my keys back as fast as I could and found Rainbow. They do not charge to hook your car up to the computer chip reader and they do quick work at a reasonable price. Plus the guys are super nice and I never felt like I was being talked down to. As a woman who has replaced her own alternator, I appreciate that.

Also in Decatur, I loved loved loved the guys at Creekmur Muffler. If it's underneath your car, they can fix it. I took my 1987 Nissan there for an entire new exhaust system over the course of a year and the owner treated me like a daughter. He would spot weld a small hole to get me through a trip because he knew I would return. And return. And return. That Nissan, man, it was rode hard and put away wet.

When I worked in Springfield I was loyal to two mechanic shops. For oil changes and tires I went to Midtown Auto Service and Tire. Once you buy a set of tires from them, they rotate them for free with an oil change for the life of the tires. That's a deal. For everything else on the Honda, I took it to Floyd Imports. Again, no charge to hook the car up to the computer chip reader, WONDERFUL staff and reasonable prices.

Just so you know, I don't love every mechanic shop. I have been cheated and mistreated at several shops in Decatur. So when I find a mechanic I feel like I can trust, I'm loyal until its no longer practical. In fact, after I was done working in Springfield I still drove 45 minutes to Midtown for oil changes.

I'll put all these auto mechanics on the google map. And if you want to know which shops I didn't like, ask in the comments and I'll dish.

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